Although America has the upper hand, when it comes to the world’s most diverse range of craft beer breweries, there are a lot of breweries in Europe that are some of the most fascinating and daring than any country in the world.

The beer has always been a popular alcoholic beverage, but up until recent years, it has become something somewhat reviving and are enjoyed in most restaurants this very day.

Expanding in the European beer scene, European breweries have waivered from older traditions and shifted into the future with a more modern approach to beer. It is all thanks to a variety of skills, quality ingredients, technology and of course, being Europe and all, a ton of passion.

Those who have been around the block with craft beers, especially when it comes to those that are made in the U.S, has a far way to go to get to know a different approach to craft beers altogether.

Why not hop across the pond and try these amazing five-star beers throughout Europe? All you’ll be left with is a ton of amazement.

The 3 Best Beers to Try in the Land of Europe

BrewDog – Scotland

As one of the biggest craft beer breweries in all of Europe, this exciting range of beers even has a sense of entertainment to them.

The brewery only started in 2007 and had achieved an over and above an impressive range of beers that will leave you wanting to try each one. There are five different craft beers, all labelled in different colours, according to the type, which includes pale ale, milk stout, the modern classic, the lager, as well as the red ale. Hey, who said that the Scott’s only knew how to make their whiskies?

Omnipollo – Sweden

The founders of an amazing craft beer brand in Sweden, Omnipollo, has collaborated with other breweries to bring you something different. Founded in 2011, this company has a massive following of beer-enthusiasts that are beyond loyal to this one specific brand of beer.

Some of their beers include ingredients, such as maple syrup, strawberries and marshmallows, which might sound disgusting, but who doesn’t like a hint of sweetness in a beer? In countries such as Japan, the U.S. and Europe of course, Omnipollo has made major waves in introducing something tasty and thrilling to the table.

Cloudwater Brew Co – England

Launched in Manchester in 2014, Cloudwater Brew Co has shocked the entire craft beer world. If there’s one new beer to try on your holiday to the UK, or Europe, it’s this one. It also takes the title of being the second-best brewery globally, which is quite a title when it comes to the judgement of beer experts.

This craft beer brand is a definite must. If it’s not its remarkable quality, flavour or new seasonal creations, it’s their immense love for beer that has an even larger effect on their customers, as well as visitors from abroad.