Astoria was named for Jacob Astor in the hope that he might bestow all his riches here. He invested much of his worth at the time to develop this city, but, it is reported that he never set foot here. Well, its his loss, but today, Astoria is one of the New York most culturally diverse neighborhoods. It is home to Italians, Baltics, Brazilians, Irish, Egypt, and in the recent past, a new set of emigres are drawn by Austria’s amenities.

The city is predominantly residential, meaning there is a lot of food. You won’t lack anything here, from Greek, to Italian, to barbecue, to burgers, to French toast and so much more. However, be aware though that the area is vast, and you may not find the best restaurants on your own. Below we have compiled a list of the best restaurants you should visit in Astoria.

1. Taverna Kyclades (Location 33-07 Ditmars Boulevard).

If you are looking for a place to order too many drinks and food without having to break a bank, then you need to consider Taverna Kyclades. If you have sampled Greek stalwarts anywhere in Astoria but not here, then you should. You will leave happily staffed with Greek salad and some grilled fish entrees.


Also, try the swordfish kebab, and if you can, make room for a side of lemon potatoes or taramosalata, or skordalia sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. To simply put it, the service here is friendly, and their cooking is solid

2. Agnanti (Location;19-06 Ditmars Blvd)

Agnanti restaurant has distinguished itself from other astoria restaurant with its impossibly grilled octopus, incredible rooster pasta and with the best Turkish dishes in town. It served Greek cuisine in a very relaxed setting thanks to the spacious interior. So it is a great place to visit with family during or group dining. The restaurant also offers outdoor patio and cozy indoor seating arena in the winter.

3. Vesta Vino (Location 2101, 30th Avenue).

Vesta Vino is a sort of place where everyone seems to know one another. The restaurant is family owned, so the owners try as much as they can to accommodate everyone. The desserts here are transcendent, and so are the crispy Brussel sprouts parmigiana. Consider a Pizza when you visit at Vesta Vino; the one topped with béchamel, pine nuts, and kales would be perfect for those who are a little conscious about their health. You should also consider ‘warm bankie eggs’ with mushroom and asparagus.

4. Milkflower (Location 34-12 31st Avenue)

Milkflower restaurant has not been in operation for that long, but it has assumed a spot of the best restaurants in Astoria. The staffs here are very accommodating, so, you can visit as a family or as a group.

When you visit here, begin with a meatball, a locally butchered port and beef folded with Grana Padano cheese and Ricotta. The pie at Milkflower balances spicy soppressata, red chili flake and a little bit of honey or you can opt for white Pizaa with ricotta and a pile of arugula.

5. Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna (Location 2601, 23rd Avenue).

We won’t have done our job if we did not include Gregory 26 corner on this list. This restaurant is located on the last stop of Astoria, a place that most locals come to have a good time. The place is basically an old-fashioned Greek Taverna, too much painting on the wall and a lighting fixture made from a boat steering wheel, but, the food here is great. Go ahead and visit here, spoil your appetite with tapenadish Kalamata olive which is quite addictive, but don’t forget to save a room for zucchini patties, saganaki, and cheese stuffed peppers. Like most other restaurants on this list, the grilled fish is stellar, but eggplant dip, green pepper, and other vegetarian appetizers also merit your attention.