Being hungry annoys, it is not good for your health at all, and this is because it messes up with your metabolism. Hence it will not be advisable to skip a meal or breakfast if you have a strict budget. The best thing to do is to take your precious time to fix something quick and easy to eat, hence your energy can be boosted. You can therefore opt for saving the money that you were to use on getting fast foods from a kiosk and take just a little time to prepare your homemade dish or breakfast which will end up tasting great.

Almond sandwich

This is among some of the greatest recipes that are sure to take away your hunger; you will need half a cup of almond butter, one tea spoon of honey, one tea spoon of cinnamon, four tea spoons of sliced almond, and eight slices of whole grain bread.


This can be easily made by mixing an almond butter, cinnamon and honey in a bowl. The mix should then be spread on the bread slices, after that you will also have to sprinkle the raisins and almond over the slices and later is to be topped using the other slices of breads.

Chicken and Cheese stuffed crescent rolls

You need two cups of shredded cooked chicken and a cup of shredded cheddar cheese, eight crescent rolls, and one can of chicken soup that has herbs, a can of milk, and a quarter tea spoon of ground black pepper.

You should first preheat your oven to 375°F, mix your milk, pepper and the soup in a bowl then stir properly. The crescent rolls should now be separated on a plate and rolled out, on top of each roll, chicken and some pinches of cheese should be placed. Then roll and shape every piece to crescent, the crescents should then be placed in around baking dish, then pour the mixture of soup over the rolls and bake it uncovered for 30 to 40 minutes, they will be ready for consumption after confirming that they are hard on the outside.

Black walnut cake

It has a great taste that can excite your kids. You will need a half cup of chopped black walnuts, a half tea spoon of vanilla extract, a half tea spoon of baking powder, one cup of milk, three cups of wheat flour, one cup of softened butter, a half cup of shortening, one tea spoon full of ground cinnamon and five eggs.


Beat sugar, butter and shortening into a bowl. Now you will need to beat your eggs, and then add your cinnamons and baking powder into the previous mixture. You will then need to stir the walnuts and vanilla and later pour the entire mix on a pan. Before placing the mix on the dish, you should first heat it up to 350 °F, after that your walnut should be ready for consumption.

Herb roasted turkey

You will need a whole turkey, two tea spoon dried basil, two table spoon garlic powder, one tea spoon black pepper, one tea spoon ground sage, two cups of water, three quarters cup of olive oil and one tea spoon of salt.

The oven should first heat until 325 °F, then you should clean your turkey and place it on the pan, mix your garlic powder, the olive oil, ground sage, the dried basil, black pepper and the salt in a bowl, this mix should then be applied on the turkey placed in the pan, from this, you will need to pour water into your roasting pan then cover it. It should then be baked for three hours until temperature fall to 180°F, this is the time you will be require to remove your turkey from the oven and leave it to cool for sometime before serving.

Yogurt parfait

This can be prepared by simply adding spoonfuls of your favorite yogurt to a bowl, then add granola bar to it. You will then need to sprinkle it with fresh berries then it will be ready for consumption.

Cooking can only be hard if you want it to be, easy or hard cooking is always your choice, it depends on how you digest the whole process, however much you might want the hard cooking during holidays, it is always advisable to go with easy cooking, this is because they always turn out to be the best by taking a little time with a great taste. This is also very important if you have a tight schedule or money.