Italy is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is distinguished by a rich history, beautiful landmarks, cultural riches but what many people talk about is Italian food. We all love Italian food which is made of delicious food recipes and flavors which we like eating all year round.

However, it goes without saying that there are some Italian Foods we would love to eat on a winter day. Warm pasta, polenta, and soups are some of the great stick-to-your-ribs dishes that you’d want for those icy cold days.

Whether planning to head north, west, east, or south of Italy, you’ll find finger-licking foods everywhere and here is a list of Italian Foods you should eat on a winter day.

1. Polenta Taragna

Polenta Taragna is one of the top Italian Food you can eat from anywhere you like. This porridge-like starch, is similar to grits although it’s distinguished by a finer grain of corn and it’s very common across northern Italy.

Italian food

It is a simple dish and after boiling, it can be served in different ways such as grilled, fried, creamy or solid with tomato-based sauces like cheeses, and mushrooms. Therefore, don’t let cold prevent you from enjoying yourself while in Italy, just grab a warm, cheesy plate of finger-licking polenta and have a wonderful time.

2. Cassouela

Cassouela is a traditional dish prepared with tomato puree, chopped carrots, onion, cabbage, pepper, celery, and a variety of pork such as ribs. It is high in calorie hence it will keep you fueled all day long.

According to experts, it is recommendable to eat cassouela immediately after the first frost of the season because, at that time, cabbages are ready and tasty. Order this high-calorie dish with strong flavors and will get your motor going.

3. Ribollita

Ribollita is simply a Tuscan soup that’s prepared with vegetables, cannellini beans, and leftover bread. It is also regarded as a poor man’s meal because it is cheap and easy to prepare, but that doesn’t make you poor by eating it. Dried-out bread and all vegetables are boiled together to make this hearty soup that will definitely keep you warm on a winter day. Baccala


Baccala is simply a salted cod eaten by anyone avoiding meat. Baccala is one of the most delicious Italian Foods you can ever find and will leave you asking for more especially when served fried with potatoes, cooked in tomato sauce, or braised with anchovies and onions.


This is one of the rarest seafood you can find and if you want to keep warm on a winter day, head to Italian restaurant in Aventura Mall and find out why baccala should be on a list of comfort foods.

5. Pane dolce and panettone

Pane dolce and panettone is a true definition of an Italian version of Christmas cake because it is regarded as staple for celebrations.

A dough is prepared and candied fruits, eggs, butter, sugar and raisins are folded in it and cooked to make a yummy dessert. When the holidays are over, the sweetness of Pane dolce and panettone can still be enjoyed on a winter day.

Bottom line

Italy is among the top tourist destinations across the world and whether you’re looking forward to visiting the beautiful landmarks or eating finger-licking meals, it has everything for everyone. If you’d want to have a taste of Italian Food perfect for a winter day, we have made things easier for you and the above list will not disappoint.