Be it that you are in favor of a cool and a casual vibe or an elegant and classy one, Midtown Manhattan has just the best bars for you. In the Midtown areas of NYC that are some sweet spot ranging from the swanky cocktail lounges to dive bars. These bars also pay attention to serving you with great food too. Are you an enthusiast of a chocolate martini? Here are some of the best bars that you can hang around and have a wonderful meal in Midtown Manhattan.

1. Turtle Bay Taverna

The bar is composed of an upstairs lounge and downstairs one where they serve beer and merriment. Though it cannot be taken as the best place to look for grace and class, believe you me, when it comes to partying, it has the best score. For the recent college graduates, this is the hub to go for in the interest to have a good time. The bar has Sunday brunches that make the spot a split-level bar with their service for endless party hours and cheap drinks.

2. The Modern (The Bar Room)

In addition to mouthwatering appetizers, the place to be for sophisticated drinks and those who a sense of class. The bar has an award-winning wine program, and it gives more than that; beers, spirits, and cocktails you get from the restaurant are one of a kind.

Brooklyn Bar

You will also be served with the French-New American cuisine where you dine and have a wonderful experience. Art enthusiasts have found The Modern to have surroundings that are glorious and timeless. The acoustics of the bar is specially designed to give room where you can have a quiet conversation while enjoying the calm viewing of the sculpture garden.

3. Latitude Bar and Lounge

The place is nothing but a hole in the wall. The bar has a rooftop deck suitable for holding private parties, a lounge on the second floor. After you have had a long week, Latitude Bar and Lounge is the place for a happy hour, and you can grab something to bite like the nachos and mini-burgers. The pool table feature on the second floor makes the bar a place where you can hang out with friends while you play while you enjoy your drinks.

4. Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

Do you have a thing for the combination of chocolate and wine? Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar is where you get to enjoy your best. That chocolate martini that goes down a treat is best served here.

The spot is one of the BEST bars in midtown manhattan where you get to enjoy cakes, cocktails, chocolate wine and much more.

5. Sakagura

The bar is one of the best places in the United States where you get to enjoy the top sake that has been introduced to the New Yorkers. Sakagura serves with Japanese cuisine aficionados and sake connoisseurs. Over 200 varieties of sake and a myriad of other Japanese tapas assortments are served here; you should check it out.

Midtown Bar

These are just but a few that we have mentioned. Midtown Manhattan has other spots that could chill with friends and other classy places that could hold private parties. What’s more, there places you can get away for a quiet evening to relax your mind with some wine.