Baking is a wonderful hobby, but it cannot be enjoyable without the right baking supplies. Today, with the new technologies baking supplies have evolved. They are convenient, easy to use and affordable. Buying baking supplies online saves you time, cost and it’s convenient.

With the many stores that offer online baking supplies, you need to ensure that they have products that will meet your needs. Here are the top places to buy baking supplies online.

1. Kitchen Krafts

Kitchen Krafts deals with both home and commercial baking supplies. Their products include cake decorations, candy making supplies, cupcake supplies and all cake ingredients.


You can order directly from their site where they have friendly staff members who will be happy to take your orders. They offer shipping services to your location. Their products are of high quality, and the prices are affordable.

2. Medina Baking

With Medina Baking Supplies, you get top quality products at affordable prices. Medina baking is a fast growing company that is expanding their products to various places around the world. To order, you can contact them through their website or by calling them.

Medina baking is known for their fast delivery once you purchase and their customer support representatives will ensure that you get your products on time. They have a large selection of baking supplies that will meet all your baking needs, from ingredients, decorations and other products.

3. NY Cake Baking Supplies

NY Cake supplies offer a wide range of baking supplies. If you purchase products that are more than $75, you get free shipping services. You can buy directly from their website, email or by calling their numbers.


If you are not sure of the brands and products that you want, their friendly staff members will help you. Their website allows you to create an account and once you become a frequent customer, you can start to enjoy discount and offers.

4. Wilton baking supplies.

Wilton offers different products at different prices. They are known for their modern baking products and quality ingredients. With Wilton, you can be sure to get all your baking requirements under one roof.

They also offer return and exchange services whereby you can return a product if it does not meet your needs but under certain terms and conditions. Wilton offers warranty services for their services up to one year.

5. Global Sugar Art

Global Sugar Art is known for their many deals and promotions throughout the year. They have excellent customer support services when purchasing or making inquiries. Most people prefer Global Sugar Art since they have demonstration videos for their products. Their free shipping services will require you to purchase baking supplies worth over $99.


Every baker around the world deserves to have all the baking supplies that match their baking skills. When researching, make sure that you look for suppliers who offer discounts for their quality products, warranty, shipping and return services. Medina Baking has been in the industry for a long time, and they have proven to meet all your baking needs.