Photographers don’t get much extra time to edit pictures. Full-time photographers depend largely on editing tools that can save them time in the process of editing photos. One of the tools used is a Lightroom Preset. You can download and use some predetermined presets or create your customized preset and save the settings for future use on other images. In this article, we will discuss how using presets can save you tons of editing time.

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You Can Save Time by Using Presets to Do Batch Editing on Lightroom

Imagine taking 300 photos in a place where the lighting is not changing and remains consistent. You edit your first picture to your satisfaction and save those settings as a preset. Rather than manually modifying the other 299 photos one after the other, you can use the preset you saved and attain a similar outcome to that of the picture you had edited earlier.


The next time you will need to edit an image in a similar manner and lighting set up, you will only require to click a button. The preset will move all the sliders to the exact positions so that the edited images appear the same.

The best thing about a preset is that it can batch all your images at once. You only need to edit a single photo, save the settings as a preset, and then apply the saved preset to as many pictures as you would want in just a single click.

You Can Do All Your Lightroom Edits Using a Lightroom Preset

When you hit a blank spot on how you want your image to image to look, you only need to hover over the presets and take a look at the previews to see if there is any that you like. You will love it because it is a single-click edit. Sometimes you might find that a preset needs a little enhancing but either way you are saving a lot of time. You can keep some of the one-click edits that you are likely to include to your saved presets to make your editing as quick and straightforward as possible.

A Lightroom Preset Is an Excellent Starting Point

Rather than editing your picture manually from scratch, you can utilize a lightroom presets to make a significant change and then continue editing from there. It is similar to getting a substantial head start. That will save you a lot of your valuable time and money needed for editing your images.


The Live Preview Feature in a Lightroom Preset Will Save You A Lot of Time

When hovering over the names of the presets in your list, there is an image thumbnail in the top left corner of your screen that gives you a preview of how the image will look like when you apply that preset. As you skim the mouse over your list, you will be able to decide if a particular preset will look excellent or not. If it is satisfactory, you only need to click and get done with your editing.

Therefore, create your lightroom presets now and save a lot of time needed to edit your pictures.