If you are a photographer or an enthusiast, photography festivals allow you an excellent opportunity to network with other players in the industry. These events allow artists to learn the advancements in photography technology and hone their skills. Below are some of the best festivals you can attend in 2019.

1. FOTOfusion 2019 – United States

FOTOfusion 2019 is a five-day event running from January 21-26, 2019 presented by the Palm Beach Photographic Center located in West Palm Beach. Around 70 top photographers and instructors will grace the occasion and teach in workshops. Photography is the theme, but the event covers more than pictures. Visitors can look forward to parties too. Visitors and participants have the opportunity to view photos, learn, and have a lot of fun at this event. The hosts of the event entail globally famed photographers and various digital professionals. This annual festival attracts hundreds of professionals alongside hobbyist photographers. The event welcomes all attendees to take part in informative lectures, panel discussions, exciting workshops and much more.

2. Exposure Alberta’s Photography Festival – Canada

Exposure Alberta’s Photography Festival is a non-profit society founded in 2004. Exposure runs under the governance of a devoted board of directors that entails photography enthusiasts. The festival aims to generate involvement in photographic image making and to engage various photography stakeholders in a conversation about the history, present, and future of photography. Exposure attracts a broad audience from beginners to experienced photographers, amateurs to professionals and image-makers of various ages and interest levels. The focus is to increase awareness, inform, educate, and delight.The year 2019 will mark the 15th year of the festival that hosts more than 30000 participants annually.

3. Head ON Photo Festival – Australia

Head On Photo Festival ranks as the top photography organization in Australia. The Head On Foundation is – a non-profit organization that runs the annual festival. The event provides an all-around platform for both nationally and internationally acclaimed photographers and emerging talent in the genres of photography. The climax of the event is the Head On Portrait Prize and the Head On Photo Awards. The two are Australia’s most much-admired photographic portrait prize. The festival hosts over 200 photography events in over 100 venues across Sydney and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across the country. The event provides a platform for photographers to meet, exhibit and sell their work.


4. Belfast Photo Festival – Ireland

Belfast Photo Festival is a non-profit organization that runs one of the top international festivals of photography in the UK. The organization also presents the Visual Arts Festival of Northern Ireland. The biennial event was launched in 2011 and ranks among the top ten photography festivals worldwide according to Capture Magazine of 2016. The event which celebrates some of the most exceptional National and international contemporary photography across thirty museums, galleries,and public places. The event focus is to instill cum inspire public participation and enjoyment via the most accessible artistic medium and exhibit the same to new audiences through cool and unique ways.

5. Scottsdale Arts Festival – Unites States

The Scottsdale Arts Festival boasts a ranking among the top art fairs of America. The three-day event celebrates art, music, family fun and food: the event feature over 170 artists selected by a jury from across Canada and the United States. Visitors will experience live music and entertainment and kids activities at the family area of the Community Art Studio. Visitors also access the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art free. People can purchase available works of art directly from the artists and via an online auction.

If you are into photography and looking towards linking up with fellow photographers, these five events offer you the chance of mingling with people from all walks of life. So, consider getting out there and having fun.